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Home Page: Local propane supplier in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

About Advantage Propane: The fastest growing independent propane supplier in PA and NJ

Agricultural Propane: Whether you are crop drying or heating your farm buildings, propane is low cost.

Commercial Propane: We are a reliable propane source for commercial businesses

Contact Advantage Propane: Located in Califon, New Jersey

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Referral Program: Earn $ by referring a relative or friend to Advantage Propane

Residential Propane: Propane, a clean and efficient way to heat pools, homes.

Propane Safety Tips: Keeping you safe is our priority

We deliver Propane: In most of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania

Our propane special: it is easy to earn extra money with our newest program

Why Choose Advantage Propane: Low competitive propane pricing  and unparalleled customer service

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